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How to become a SmartLoad Sub-dealer

In my previous post, I have answered the basic questions on how to become a Smartload retailer.

If you are a new visitor interested to join the Smart Communications, Inc.'s network of independent business person, you may want to check that out first to have a basic understanding of the business.

This post deals on a more advanced aspect of the SmartLoad business: How to Become a Sub-dealer.

First, you need to know about the Smartload hierarchy. The system has the following levels:

  • Smart Communications, Inc.
  • Distributor
  • Dealer
  • Sub-Dealer (also termed U2)
  • Retailer
Smart Communications, Inc. is the Telco (Telephone Company). They own and operate the whole system. The rest merely part of the marketing and sales system.

The Distributor buys from Smart cellphone credits in bulk. They also buy Dealer, Sub-dealer and Retailer sims in large quantities. This is usually large corporations or companies with established businesses and organization. Smart has its own Distributor for an affiliate, the Telecommunication Specialist, Inc. (TSI) but there are many more out there. Capitalization requirement is huge.

Dealers buy cellphone credits in wholesale from distributors.
Commission rate is standard at 1% of gross sale.The main responsibility of the Dealer is to find sub-dealers and retailers. They are the one providing support and assistance to their own network of sub-dealers and retailer. Our company, Fast Forward Tech is a dealer and this blog is part of our service.

Sub-dealers or U2 are similar to managers. Their task is to operate on a certain area of their choosing and find would-be retailers in that particular area, develop and support them. They earn a commission of 2% of the gross sale of retailers on their network. Needless to say, the more retailers on their network, the higher their income.

Retailers are the front liners. They sell directly to subscribers in retail. Since they do most of the work, they earn a hefty 13% of their gross sale. Retailers could be small stores like "sari-sari", mini-grocery, bakery, eatery, cigarette vendor, water-refilling station, internet cafe, snack stand, etc., or big corporations owning chain of stores. Take a look around and you'll know what I mean. Even individuals can be a retailer. In fact, anybody can be a retailer. All that is required is the willingness and adherence to the policies set by Smart.

Right then. Now that you have an overview of the hierarchy of the system, let's focus on the more important matter: How can YOU become a Sub-dealer.

First and foremost is you have to know how a retailer system works. You can either be a retailer yourself or at least know how they do their work. In my previous post "Be a Smart Eload retailer now!!" I have discussed in detail how to get a retailer sim, how to activate it, how to get a Smart Money account and the actual card. I even offered a step-by-step instruction on how to sell to the customers. If you have no idea of the stuff I've just said, now is the time to read it first or review it.

Ok now you read it, and hopefully understood it.

Moving on.

I said before that everyone in the SmartLoad network is required to have a Smart Money account. What is it for, you say. Well, you will use it mainly for these reasons:

  • To activate your sub-dealer sim
  • To transfer funds to your retailers
Another use of Smart Money is for Smart Padala which I shall discuss later.

To become a Sub-dealer you have to have:
  1. a Sub-dealer sim
  2. an initial stock of Retailer sims (10 pieces is a good start)
  3. a modest capital
  4. patience and determination

We can help you with items 1 and 2. For items 3 and 4 however, you have to do it yourselves.


There are two ways:

1. Apply from us by email:

2. Create your own


First, you must have your own retailer sim at hand. If you do not want to get it from us, you can get it somewhere else, you just have to know where to look.

Second, you cannot use a retailer sim that's already been activated and already linked to a sub-dealer. So be sure to check if what you're buying is a fresh (smartmoney is not activated) retailer sim.


1. Insert the sim into a cell phone
2. Go to SMART MENU (click select)
3. Scroll down to SMART MONEY menu
4. A welcome message should appear asking you to elect a 6-digit pin.

If this message does not appear and instead a sub-menu shows like:

Buy Smartload
Reload Money
Reload Buddy
Pay Bills

...then the retailer sim is already activated. Chances are you cannot use it as a sub-dealer sim.

you must know that a Sub-dealer sim is activated in almost the same way as a retailer sim. The only thing that differs is the linking code.

(note: this blog is a constant work-in-progress. please drop in anytime for updates. thank you.)

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