Thursday, September 5, 2013

Evolution of E-loading Business in the Philippines

If you are observant enough, you would have noticed that the last entry on this blog was on August, 2007. Yes,  six very long years had passed since I last wrote about E-loading.  Let's assume that you care enough to know why it took me that long to post another entry, well , here are the reasons...


Don't worry.  This post is not about ranting and bad-mouthing. I promise I'll be as civil as possible - to a certain degree. Just kidding.  Although for all of it to make sense, I need to tell the story, and this story will end well, and can also make you money if you so decide, so keep reading. Moreover, you're better off knowing the history of the business you plan to engage in, or currently operating.

Although we started late as Dealer of Smart for their E-loading business, we were the pioneers of the Smart Money system for E-loading. We put a lot of effort in introducing, explaining and supporting other retailers and sub-dealers into accepting and using the new system, hence this blog.  It presented us a great opportunity at the time and we took it.  Well, I can also say that it rewarded us handsomely. at least for a while. 

Yes, we made a lot of money using the Smart Money system for E-loading because it automates the linking of retailers to sub-dealers- to dealers.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you may want to read the previous post on Be a Smart E-Load Retailer Now!!!  and How to become a Smart Sub-Dealer.  Moving on,  One of the beauty of the Smart Money system is you can expand your network of retailers and sub-dealers to as far as cellphone signal can reach.  Needless to say, that's what we did and our network covered not only the Philippines, but other countries as well, thanks to our OFW's.  Then it came. Out of the blue, Smart issued a policy change implementing subdivided "territories" to be covered by distributors, dealers, and the entire network.  What this means is that our network of sub-dealers and retailers "must" now get their stocks from the Distributor assigned to the area where they operate. The whole network was re-assigned, without consultation, and taking into consideration the effort of a lot of dealers like us who, we considered ourselves, partners of Smart.

In short, we lost all sub-dealers and retailers outside our territory (which is Manila).  All those years of hard work and perseverance went down the drain.  Now, what's the use of operating a mobile, automated business if you're restricted to a certain geographical territory? We we're left hanging in the air by the company we helped built and expand.  We felt used. We felt betrayed.

So we decided to stop the business.  The best is yet to come, though, so keep reading...


This is actually THE reason I posted again in this Blog.  From the title alone, you can infer that this Blog is about E-loading-which now falls under the "traditional system."  This was designed for that purpose alone and so when we quit the business, I thought it no longer serves its purpose.  However, as I scanned my email inbox, I noticed a lot of you sent me message of inquiries about the business. I realized that as E-loading had evolved, so should this Blog.  I know I should have deactivated (but I'm glad i did not ) the Blog when I no longer intends to update it, so now  I apologize for not replying sooner to your messages, and I hope my future posts will make up for it.  The third and the best reason I decided to update this blog is...


E-loading business is not dead, and will not probably die in the foreseeable future. It just evolved to another form (and better system).  You're in luck because now the rewards,  (INCOME) are better, the process is simpler, and with the popularity of Social Media, getting more clients has become a lot easier.

For easier comparison I have here a point-by-point presentation:

E-LOADING BEFORE (Traditional System):
  • Financially segmented - meaning you can only earn more money if you invest more money.  Back in the day, a retailer sim costs from Php300 to as high Php1,000, depending on supply and demand.  A dealer sim costs as high as Php50,000, depending on where you get it.  This means that a lot of people who want to engage in E-loading business must have a lot of money to begin with.
  • A Retailer will remain a retailer because his Sub-dealer usually don't want him as a competitor, therefore, will not teach him the "tricks of the trade".  A Sub-dealer will remain a sub-dealer because the upgrade to become a Dealer requires a huge investment, that is if he can find a Distributor who will sell him a Dealer's sim.
  • Capitalization for Dealer is huge because you have to usually transfer load to your retailer(s) for their stock and then collect on the same day or on an agreed date. Sort of consignment selling.
  • Your network (of retailer or Sub-dealer) can be lost because they can either be pirated by your competitors or you can't cope with distance and communication.
  • You can only serve so much, especially when they restructured the use of Smart Money in E-loading, and therefore have a stagnant- or worse- declining business.  The very same thing that happened to us.

  • More standardized pricing on Sims.  Gone are the days where unscrupulous persons can take advantage of your desire to earn from E-loading and charge you exorbitant prices for retailer and Dealer Sims.
  • More consistent supply of Sims (both Retailer and Dealer Sims).
  • Better tracking system.  E-loading (and the whole cellular phone network system) are in itself High Technology. It should only follow that selling it (and earning from it) use High Tech system.  Now you can see your actual earnings, keep track of your network, expand your business and keep in touch with your clients, retailers, dealers and potential clients though the internet.
  • Your network will never be lost.  Everyone is connected to you even if they operate their business far from where you are.
  • Your business can grow big, only you will set the limit for yourself.

Now the question is: "Are you ready to evolve and adapt to this new system?"  If you're answer is "Yes", email me at: and I will walk you through it.  

I will be posting more detailed instructions and information about this transition on my next posts, but if you can't wait for that, email me soon.